Metal working and machine engineering

Ever since our company was established far back in 1972 (already at the old location), mechanical engineering and general metal working have been an integral part of our machining offer.

Alone or together with a project design company located in our vicinity, we produce many different machines and devices which are used in industry (woodworking, metal, rubber industries). Many machines and plants have been produced in that time, starting from the first idea to an end product, which successfuly operate today in Slovenia as well as in a broader Europe. This is also confirmed by our satisfied customers who come back to us again and again when they have a requirement.

Recently, the need for the production of a large variety of welded pieces has been continuously growing. Workpieces are first welded and then completely machined. This is very interesting for end customers and reasonable from the aspect of pricing since complete service is carried out on one place.

Our fitters - welders have adequate A-Certificates for welding which are continuously renewed.

Our highly skilled workers work on the following machines:
  • different welding devices,
  • hand plasma,
  • sheet metal bending machine,
  • hydraulic shear for sheet metal,
  • etc.

We guarantee competitive delivery of laser-cut pieces, if necessary also bent, welded or machined.

  • Metal working and machine engineering
  • Metal working and machine engineering
  • Metal working and machine engineering
  • Metal working and machine engineering
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